The season is just starting

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
The season is just starting

Temperatures below zero, great snow cover and pleasant weather invite you to visit the Czech mountains. Accommodation Jeseníky is waiting for you. Visit the Sporthotel and enjoy the beautiful snow-white entrance to the New Year! You will experience a lot of fun and cognition in the form of beautiful panoramic views from the peaks of the mountains. The winter holiday has its charm.
A holiday you won't forget
If you are a people who prefer to spend their holidays in nature, check out our offer. It will surely convince you to book. Spend your holidays amid the mountains in the hotel right under Pradedem. Nearby ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails will be a direct reward. Nature is draped in the snow, which attracts all skiers and snowboarders. Join them too!