Realization and quality

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
Realization and quality

Once you've chosen the right solution that suits you best, there's nothing simpler than choosing the most important thing – the exterior look of the whole device. As we have already said, with the built-in wardrobes of Prague you have many basic options regarding the choice of material and workmanship. If you rely on what we have most proved, we will offer you retractable aluminum systems with fillings of various materials. This is followed by dozens of possibilities of external appearance of this material. In particular, laminated boards offer almost endless possibilities.
Not only uniform but also divided
Perhaps we have not yet mentioned the possibility to divide the visible areas, for example, vertically into multiple parts. You can use two or more materials, which again gives the whole interior a new dimension. And if you still add to the possibility of using art design with a variety of graphic motifs, then the possibilities are endless. But the result is really worth it!